The activity of sales is becoming more complex and cost intensive – we help you to find the right solution.


Fast and sustained increase in execution expertise and conversion power in the sales work.


By individual strength in the sales team to a superior effectiveness in market cultivation.


Get highest efficiency in the sales organization, its processes, tools and methods.


Reach, motivate and inspire people in the best possible way. 

“Our customers achieve greater sales success, find the answers to increasingly complex requirements and use the market dynamics to their advantage.”


mastering excellence in complex sales

be the winner in a fast transforming market

  • How can I deal with the new sales challenges?
  • What are my options?
  • How do I achieve the sales goals, as quickly as possible? 
  • How do I increase my personal sales skills and that of my sales team?
  • How do I build my own superior sales engine?

Increasing market dynamics and the simultaneous professionalization of procurers are leading to an unavoidable change in the requirements placed on sales and customer management. As aligning of one’s own value chain with the highly dynamic levels of customer demand requires a great deal of resources, many companies lack the means and the know-how to cope with the new complexity in the world of sales. With their existing sales organizations, they are unable to rapidly respond to the new realities in sales with the necessary vehemence, do not reach their goals, do not manage the timely market entry despite convincing business ideas.


To enable companies to respond to new market requirements quickly and efficiently, SEC has developed its four-dimensional model “Mastering Excellence in Complex Sales”. The model describes a business service that focuses exclusively on sales excellence. It has been developed and implemented by our experienced business consultants and sales professionals.


This business service has only one objective: to generate measurably higher sales performance. To this end, we combine the market expertise of our customers, their products and their innovative capacity with our know-how in complex selling as well with our own sales professionals. At the end of the day, it is the signed customer contract that counts. And that is what we will ensure.